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​Reason for Testing


·       Pre-Employment


·       Random


·       Reasonable Suspicion


·       Return to Duty


·       Follow-Up


Type of Drug Test:    

  • URINE - (Instant or Lab-Based) used often for Follow-Up, Random, and Return to Duty.  Other reason are applicable when requested. 


  •  HAIR -  works well for pre-employment by dectecting long-term drug use.


  • SALIVA - offers a shorter more recent window of detection.  Post-Accident or Reasonable Suspicion is when this type is most commonly used.


  • BREATHE ALCOHOL - available when requested.


All Collectors are D.O.T Certified
Your account manager will help you determine the best method for you!





Let MagTech Help You Maintain a Safe Drug-Free Work Environment!











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Why Drug Test?


Beyond higher absenteeism, accident rates, workers compensation and turnover costs, one of the often forgotten impacts of employing a drug user is the affect they can have on quality and productivity. Beyond the immediate financial impact of reduced quality and productivity, there is also the long term risk of losing market share to a competitor providing a better product or service.


Why Random Testing?


Cocaine, methamphetamine, opiates and PCP are rapidly excreted from the body and usually undetectable in urine 48 – 72 hours after use. Chronic marijuana use may remain in the body longer.


Why Onsite Testing?


Having an onsite drug testing company allots employees very little to no time to dilute or adulterate their specimen samples.



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